​About JLC

Who we are

Our school was born out of a passion for Japanese bilingual education in Canada. Out of our aspiration to help parents to support their children's language skills, we are driven to provide a Japanese preschool program as well as Japanese language lessons.  

We are here to provide the following;

  • daily exposure to Japanese language and culture .

  • support for families desiring Japanese bilingual education for their children.

  • help for those who want to connect to Japan.

Plant the Seed of Japanese

Our hope is to plant the seed of Japanese language and culture in children before they begin school in English. Without the seed, it is much harder to learn Japanese language later in life. Our aim to expand opportunities for children by giving them the gift of Japanese.

If Japanese is the predominant language at home, you may worry that your children's English ability will not flourish. For those who have concerns about bilingual education, we provide consultation and seminars. Our teachers have experienced raising their children in Japanese in Canada.