Japanese After-School Program

Where children can learn Japanese through play!

 Our mission is to provide the environment where children can learn Japanese language and culture through play as well as Japanese academic lessons.  It is not easy to keep children to have comfortable relationship with Japanese as they grow. We are here to support those families who wants to keep children to connect to Japan.

For those who want to focus more on academic, we offer Japanese lessons.


To meet different needs, we have private & semi-private lessons as well as small group lessons.

Lesson groups are decided based on age, level of the language and study purposes.

where kids can learn Japanese through play

Our priority is for 

"children to enjoy" their time while communicating in Japanese at the club.

Our missions are;

  • for children to keep using 
    Japanese with friends, 

  • for children to build a comfortable relationship with Japanese, and

  • to foster the motivation to learn Japanese language & culture.

The only rule is to communicate in Japanese, and there are Japanese board games, card games, books and comics to enjoy all activities with friends. If they wish, we can provide learning handouts to study Japanese.


Students decide what to do every time they come, and there are always Japanese teachers to support them.

The Club is open for


on Mon Wed

  at the schoolhouse.

Who can join?

  • Kinder to G5

  • who are able to communicate in Japanese

  • who can follow the Japanese Only rule


How to join?

  • Get registered online (please click below.)

  • 1 ticket is required for 1 visit.

  • Come anytime during the club hours.     


$35.00 for registration

$95.00 for 6 tickets

(valid for 3 months)

$40.00 for our lesson students.

※ Tickets are limited. (FCFS system)

Victoria, BC, Canada

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