Victoria Japanese Preschool 

Baby Prep Program


At JLC Victoria Japanese Preschool, we have requirements for preschool admission to keep our Japanese immersion programs effective and fun for children. This program is for those who are looking for Early Japanese Language Education for their children, especially for prospective students of our Japanese Immersion Preschool Program. Pregnant mothers are also welcome!


Our Baby Prep Program provides you and your baby the time immerged into Japanese, familiarizing Japanese sounds, songs and culture! How much babies could be surrounded by Japanese language have a huge impact on their Japanese language developments.



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  • Story Time: Reading Japanese books and telling stories with a felt board

  • Music & Movement: Singing Japanese songs with body movement

  • Free Play: Promoting a natural way to learn Japanese by listening the Japanese conversation around

  • Guidance for Parents: Guiding parents how to interact with their baby in Japanese at home… and more!