Online Classes


This preschool online class is for 3-5 year-old preschoolers to have fun while learning Japanese! Many activities including Story time, Crafts, Finger Play Songs, Yoga and more!


The Online Preschool Program is not offered at this time.


This online baby class is for those who want to improve their Japanese quality time with your babies & toddlers. This program is designed to prepare for the immersion Japanese Preschool.

Parents & kids are having fun while learning Japanese & a lot of Japanese songs with friends!

Baby Classes are offered both on-site and online.  The online class is available  for Friday morning.


The online Japanese lesson is for School-Age kids who want to maintain Japanese immersion time at home.

Children learn Japanese while having fun with friends, interacting lively.


 Japanese Lessons are offered ONLY ON-LINE. Please contact us for more information.